About our restaurants and dishes
All of our restaurants is located near the station. It is easy to access.

Our restaurants have special good lighting and calm atmosphere. It is suitable for party and business meeting.
We serves Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine mainly. We take much care from choosing foodstuff to cooking method, using the way of traditional chinese cuisine "Medicine and Eating comes from same origin".

We have courses from 1,980yen to 10,000yen, and we can make the course menu from customer's requests.

Reservation and Contact
1. Contact from E-mail

We respond within 2 days after receiving your email.

2. Reservation by telephone
Please call following restaurants to make reservation.

Fukueimon Tsurumi main restaurant TEL: 045-506-0588
Fukueimon Kawasaki Nikko Hotel restaurant TEL: 044-222-7618
Fukueimon Shinbashi restaurant TEL: 03-6413-6458
Gyozaya Shinbashi restaurant TEL: 03-3508-6788